Sunday, 15 May 2016

Nothing To See Here...

This post is for those of you who find it difficult to cover up certain body parts in the summer. I personally hate getting my legs out in the summer. They don't tan very well because they are never in the sun and I always seem to have some sort of bruise or eczema scar on them. However, this summer I want to change it up a little bit. I don't want to spend every sunny day in a pair of jeans. Fashion is constantly changing and I feel there are so many trends that you can dip in and out of to create the outfit that is perfect for you. 

Please bare in mind that I am not saying you should cover up. You may feel similar about your arms to the way that I feel about my legs and maybe some of these clothing suggestions may give you more ideas for your wardrobe. I think that we should ALL feel comfortable and confident in what we wear. Especially in the sunnier months where we do tend to show off a bit more skin.

I have organised this post into 'Body part' sections so that it is easy for you to scroll through. All of the items are linked. I have chosen everything from the ASOS website although I haven't just used ASOS branded items. 


Here I have given a mix of different styles of tops and playsuits. There are a couple of long sleeve items as well as some that only cover up the top half. 


It doesn't always have to be long trousers and jeans. I have picked items here which are made from lighter material as well as giving a mix of cropped trousers and dresses. I really love the striped River Island cropped trousers-perfect for day and night!


For covering up the stomach/tummy area I specifically chose clothes that didn't cinch you in at the waist. I can completely understand that it can be a very flattering look but after a few drinks in the beer garden or munching on a few burgers at your friends bbq you don't want to be uncomfortable. These 4 items I have chosen are for skimming over your stomach area. Let's face it, no matter what size, shape, height you are your belly will get a little bigger throughout the day when you are eating and drinking and wearing clothes that give you room to breathe will help you to feel more relaxed!

I hope that this post has been helpful. As I have said, this isn't about telling you that you should cover up these certain areas. You rock whatever outfit you want to with confidence! Its just many of us may have certain body parts that we dislike. It may not be about weight it could be that you have a scar there or you are going somewhere that you need to cover up a little more but still want to feel summery and keep cool. Let me know if you have enjoyed this style of post in the comments.
Much love as always, 
Jade x


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