Sunday, 12 June 2016

Fit For Friday. Day To Night Outfits For Him and Her...

Recently the weather here in the UK has been beautiful. I have been transitioning my wardrobe from boots to wedges and jumpers to cropped jackets. I love how it's still so warm and light in the evenings so that you don't feel like you have missed out on all of the fun when you have been at work all day. The trouble with this is that you don't always feel like you are dressed for the beer garden, right? Well have no fear, here I have come up with some outfit ideas to change just a few minor details that will transform you from 'Day to Night'. I think you'll be surprised with how quick and easy it is to do. 

T.M Lewin inspired me and set me the task of creating outfits for both him and her that will give you the confidence to head from computer screen to cocktail dreams! So, here goes...

Ladies First...

Outfit A


This outfit is very chic especially if you tuck the striped shirt into the trousers. The nude heels are perfect for lengthening your legs too. I added the handbag because it has a longer strap in it that you can use in the day and then you can unclip it and use the smaller handles for the night.

Night time-

Now we want to change it up a bit. First of all, I wanted to change the heels to wedges. Although they still have good height to them, they are far more comfy whilst still elongating your legs. I also added some gold accessories to the night time look as well as this gorgeous gold watch from ASOS. I love wearing watches on a night out, I think they look so smart. Bardot tops make a comeback every Summer and this gorgeous cream one from Mango suits this outfit perfectly.

Outfit B


This classic white shirt will always be a staple in any wardrobe. I've teamed it up with this fitted, light grey pencil skirt and then to add a pop of pastel colour I've chosen these suede pointed courts and this gorgeous NYX matte lip colour. Just because you have to dress smart to work it doesn't mean that you can't add in small parts of your personality, I think the pink really gives this outfit a nice splash of colour.

Night Time-

I love seeing a crisp white shirt dressed down with some ripped jeans. Roll up your sleeves and open up the collar and you have completely transitioned from day to night. As you may have already read on my 'May Favourites' post, I have been loving neckerchiefs. It's totally up to you where you wear it, in your hair, neck or on your wrist. I actually own this gorgeously soft jacket from Missguided in a mustard colour and I probably wear it a lot more than I should! It's so comfortable and really doesn't restrict your arms and shoulders which I feel a lot of jackets can.


A few months ago my boyfriend was off to the races and wanted something really smart to wear, I knew that T.M Lewin would be the perfect place for him. The store we visited was so accommodating and helpful. They had many sizes available and were great at measuring him up for the perfect shirt! They have a fantastic selection of suits and I would definitely recommend getting your boyfriend, husband, brother etc into a store to get measured and suited up properly, it really makes a difference. I know my boyfriend hates wearing some shirts because he has found them too tight and uncomfortable around the neck but at T.M Lewin they have many styles and sizes available. Here are a few ideas for the gents to transition from Day to Night...


Night Time-

Here are a few ways in which you can change up your outfit without having to go home and completely empty out your wardrobe! You can still wear the white shirt but switch your smart trousers for some casual navy chinos instead. You can also swap your shirt for this light blue Ralph Lauren Shirt.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and got some ideas to transform you on a Friday from work wear to night wear. 

Much love as always, 
Jade x



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