Sunday, 19 June 2016

Funny Things That Happen When You Take Blog Photos...

So, it's been like 8 months since I started blogging and here are some funny things that have happened to me along the way!
I have a feeling you may relate to these too...

  1. You find yourself bending and standing in the weirdest positions just so you can find the right lighting.
  2. You prance around in a field whilst your boyfriend takes photos of you with people watching you as they walk their dog wondering "What on earth is she doing?"
  3. You use multiple boxes, books and even balance your phone under your camera lens because you don't own a tripod and you need your levels.
  4. You have mastered taking multiple photographs of products and selfies in like 5 minutes because the sun is just in the right position and you know those clouds are about to change the lighting any second.
  5. You pretend to laugh at something really funny because that serious 'open mouth' model pose really isn't for you and if you don't laugh you will only cry because you don't look like Gigi or Kendall.
  6. You get cramp in your hand from holding your phone just at the right angle so that your finger doesn't cover the camera lens.
  7. You have to Blu-Tack your make up products onto the surface such as lipsticks and gloss so that they don't roll away.
  8. You have to hold your breath and stay extremely still because the long grass and flowers you are currently sat in contains 100,000,000 bees but you know the photo has potential.
  9. Your camera roll is filled with a collection of photos that all look exactly the same bar a few different 'claw hand' poses and you always end up picking the first one you took.
  10. Instagram comment-"I love your jacket!" aww thanks! What you don't know about this photo is that I look ready for a night out on my top half but my lower half, which is carefully cropped out, is ready for bed. Yes, sometimes when the postman delivers your online shopping parcel you need to try on everything immediately even if it doesn't match your comfy pj bottoms you are currently wearing.

Some of these may not have happened to you yet but I am sure they will! Either way, I hope they have made you chuckle!

What funny things have happened to you?!

Much love as always, 

Jade x

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  1. Haha this post is so relatable!!! Made me laugh so much :)
    My Blog

    1. Aww, good I'm glad you enjoyed it lovely! X

  2. Whenever I put my big white card out to use as a background my cat sits on it. She also likes to get into my outfit posts too!!

    Great post.
    Lauren x

  3. Haha this is so classic, and so relatable! One of my classics is misjudging my camera's self timer and ending up with shots of weird half poses/half open-mouthed reaching for my camera haha. I need to rope my boyfriend/mum/brother into taking outfit photos for me! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

    1. Yes, so true! Or you find yourself doing a really forced smile because the timer was longer than expected!

  4. Brilliant post! I always try and photograph my products without using blue tack because I think it will be easier but it always ends up with me in a bad mood because it moves every time I go to photograph it.I always end up having to get the blue tack.

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Everything rolls around! X

  5. I absolutely love this post! I related so SO much to each and every one!

    Shan xx


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