Friday, 3 June 2016

Pampering With Miss Patisserie...

Miss Patisserie hosted the first ever blogging event I went to and a few months ago I was back there for their spring event. Everything is 'picture perfect' in that shop! It is so chic and the theme of 'Paris & Pugs' runs throughout.
In this post I will give you the lowdown on what I purchased at that event and why I have continued using products from Miss Patisserie.

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Bath Shards £2.80

At the last event I purchased some bath shards which were new to me. These buttery, glittery shards were balanced perfectly on display in store and I chose 'Black Salt' and 'Fizzy Orange'. I honestly couldn't believe how creamy and silky these made my bath water. I didn't want to use the whole shard so I broke a few pieces off and scattered them in the tub whilst the water was running. Both contain essential oils which help you to relax or uplift your mood depending on which one you choose. I actually didn't feel like I needed to moisturise after getting out of the bath-which is a first! If you're after something different and don't like how some bath bombs can be quite full on then these gorgeous silky shards are the ones for you.

'Kyoto' Bath Ball £3.85

This bath ball contains rose petals and turns your bath a beautiful mix of pinks and purples. Bath balls from Miss P definitely have more of a subtle, natural fragrance to them when compared to other bath bombs/balls available elsewhere which is why I love them. This limited edition bath ball originally created for Mother's Day includes scents of 'Peach blossom' 'Honeysuckle' and 'Orchid'.

Finally, my favourite product... (drum roll please)

'Orange Coffi Scrub' £13.99

This scrub has changed my skin, it's incredible. What I love most is that you can use this scrub on your face too. My skin hasn't been the same the past couple of months, especially on my face and this has been a great addition to my skin care routine and I have definitely noticed a difference. If you are a fake tan user then this scrub would be perfect for you to buff away any old fake tan. It leaves your skin feeling really moisturised after due to the coconut and sweet almond oil it contains which means you are good to go! This scrub is also available in 'Tiare' which is a floral scent and 'Vanilla' which I may have to try next. For the past couple of months I have been using this twice a week all over my body and it has transformed my skin. I've noticed a huge difference on the skin on my legs, I used to have quite a few patches of eczema and they have almost disappeared. If you have eczema or suffer from skin conditions then you will know how much of a risk you have to take on products when applying them to sensitive areas and I do not regret using this scrub. The only teeny, tiny downside to this scrub is that it turns your shower into your very own starbucks! It does get everywhere so you just need to make sure you hose not just yourself down but the shower down too after using it.

Now for the discount code...

If you would like to receive 10% off your online order then please use code 'JADELOVES10' at checkout and prepare to pamper yourself!

Thank-you for checking out my post, if you would like to read my last Miss Patisserie post then click here...

Much love as always, 
Jade x



  1. Such lovely products! Thanks for the discount code!


    Tamara -

    1. They really are gorgeous products! No problem at all lovely, treat yourself :)

      Jade x

  2. I was convinced this was a cake shop for ages until I realised! I really need to try them now after looking at your photos. Love the sound of the bath shards, so unusual!! xx

    Tamz |


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