Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Favourite Beauty Hacks...

Beauty hacks posts/videos are one of my favourites! I've learnt so many tips and tricks from different people that I now use and so I wanted to compile my own little list together. 
Yes I am sure that some of them you may know already but there may perhaps be a few surprises in here that could help you. 
So here goes...
1. Paint clear nail varnish on the inside of 'cheapy' rings to prevent them from turning your finger green.
2. If you happen to get mascara on your eyelid whilst applying then WAIT! Just a minute until it dries then you can grab a dry, clean cotton bud and just swipe away. Ta-dah, no panda eyes!
3. If you have stains from removing nail varnish on your fingers and nails then stop scrubbing! Instead, remove as many stains as you can and go and wash your hair. Yes, wash your hair. Whilst you are lathering up, your hair and the shampoo will help to remove and exfoliate any left over stubborn stains. So get stuck in! Honestly, I do this every time. Red nail varnish is such a pain to remove even with acetone.
4. When backcombing your hair to create volume don't just lift up your hair vertically and backcomb. Instead, lift up a section of hair and take it ever so slightly up and over to the other side and then backcomb. This helps to really get close to the scalp and not make the top of your hair look so flat.
5. In a rush and want your nails to dry quicker? Run some cold water in the sink and soak your tacky nails for 2 minutes. They won't be dent proof but they will no longer tacky!
6. If you have dry lips or you know you are going to be wearing a matte lip then apply a small amount of lip balm/vaseline at the beginning of your make-up routine. This creates the perfect, soft, smooth base ready for your day with a perfect pout.
7. Liquid lipsticks as we all know are a pain to get off, so my best advice is head to the kitchen cupboard and scoop out a little bit of coconut oil from the jar and rub it on your lips! You don't need a lot, just enough to really rub in until you can see that it has lifted off all of the colour. 
Yet again, coconut oil saves the day!
8. Instead of worrying on a night out that you are going to lose your expensive perfume or make up you have stashed in your bag then just chuck in some of those free mini samples you get in magazines or at make up counters! I have loads of little testers floating around my dressing table that are perfect to chuck in my clutch bag and I won't worry if I lose them.
9. Can't quite fit your earring back through your pierced ear after a few weeks of not wearing any? Dab a little bit of Vaseline on the end of it and it should help it slide through.
10. If the occasion is not too fancy then try to drink your beverages through a straw if you're wearing product on your lips! You may feel a bit silly but it stops you from having to reapply or leave lipstick stains all over your glass!

There they were, my favourite beauty hacks! 
Please comment below with your favourite hacks or if you are going to try one of mine out!
Many thanks as always, 
Jade x

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