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How I Edit My Instagram Photos...

"Because every picture tells a story..."

This isn't necessarily a post that people have been asking me for however, when I first started posting photos on my Instagram I wanted to know how people used to edit their photos so I would read these types of posts to help me. Through reading many posts I have since downloaded apps and use certain tricks that help me with my photography. Now, I am no expert and I don't have thousands of followers but I hope some of these tips and tricks will help you in some way.

What I use-

When I first started I used my iPhone 5s however, now I mainly use my Nikon D5300. When taking photos using an iPhone I would say it's extremely important to keep your camera lens as clean as possible. I also take my photos on the 'square' mode so that I know when I upload it on Instagram nothing is cropped out. You can take some brilliant photos on an iPhone, my friend Holly has written a great post all about how she takes her photos using a phone. When I use my Nikon the photos are obviously a lot sharper and of a higher quality. I also find that if I need to zoom in the quality does not diminish. The only problem with my camera is that I haven't got a 'square' option so I just make sure I take enough photos up close and from a distance so that I have a choice when it comes to uploading on Instagram. I also like to take some photos on my iPhone 6s, especially if I am out and about...


Instagram (Free)

Now, I haven't read this in any other post but I actually use the Instagram edit section quite a lot. I always up the brightness and sharpen my photos on Instagram because I feel it's quite a gradual change whereas some other apps I have used in the past have made photos too bright or the photo is too sharp it almost looks sketched. I then play around with the highlight and shadow section as I like my photos to have a very white background. Sometimes this step may take away from the bright colours so I then slightly up the saturation which really makes any colour 'pop'. If you are unsure if you have edited the photo too much you can hold down on the screen and it will show you what the photo originally looked like which is very handy. I never use filters as I personally think they are too much and don't really suit my 'theme' but in many posts I have read filters are very popular and people tend to stick to the same one so that their Instagram is consistent. 

Instasize (Free)
I originally downloaded this as I used to have a white frame around my photos. To do this I would upload my photo onto the app and slightly pinch it to create the frame. To do this your photo must be square so you may need to crop it in the photo section on your phone first. Instasize is also great for brightening your photos. Even if I have brightened my photo on Instagram I will still do it on this app because it makes such a difference, especially to darker photos. Instasize now has a grid layout once you have finished editing so that you can see what your photo will appear like on Instagram before you upload it. 

Facetune (£2.99)

Facetune is fantastic for whitening the background of your photos. I mainly do this on photos of myself due to where I take my photos, the background can have many shadows. To whiten the background I use the whitening tool which is probably meant for whitening your teeth but it works perfectly for this too! I also use it to whiten up my eyes if they look a bit red. I don't use this one that much but the smooth tool is great for believe it or not smoothening out the appearance of your skin! The only reason I am a bit hesitant to use this too much is because you can end up looking like a Barbie and it can look really unnatural. If you want to get rid of any spots or blemishes the patch tool is also a great one. I would just recommend zooming in first so that it is more precise. Finally, if my camera hasn't quite picked out enough detail I like to use the detail tool and brush it slightly across areas I would like to stand out more. This tool is perfect for making your eye make up sharper. Although you have to pay for this app, I do think it's a great one to get. You can also adjust the lighting etc and it has many filters available too.

Here you can see I have edited the background by using the whitening tool. All you have to do is hold down on the screen and rub it across the area you want to lighten. If you are unsure how much you have done you can always press the little blue circle at the bottom right hand corner which will show you a 'before' image. 

As you can see here I have erased this little freckle on my face. I rarely get spots so I couldn't show you what that would look like unfortunately so I had to do it with a freckle instead! Normally I wouldn't use this step but it's always handy to have.
Here you can see I have smoothed the appearance of my forehead and around my nose as well as sharpening the eyes, eyebrows and lips using the detail tool. You may like how i've used it here but for me it's a little too much, i've just used it to show how well it works.

I hope this has helped you in some way, even if it's just given you some ideas of apps to download. I always take my photos in natural daylight and I try not to turn the light on in the room as this can give my photos a yellow tint. 

Please leave a comment if you are stuck or unsure on any of the steps and I will gladly help you out!

Much love as always, 

Jade x 

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  1. I love these sort of posts! Face tune is my absolute fave to use, especially the whitening tool haha!! Such a good hack! X

    Katherine |

    1. Aww thank-you for your comment Katherine! Yes, I'm so glad I found Facetune it's brilliant! X

  2. Yaaasss to facetune! So worth the £3, use it all the time on my Insta! I follow you on there and often find myself binging on your insta and scrolling for ages hehe. Keep it up xo

    1. Aww thank-you that's so nice to hear! I love Instagram & Facetune! X

  3. I love how you keep the pink theme, it is so cute!

    1. Thank-you Mira! It was an accident really but now I love it :) x

  4. This was so helpful! Your instagram is literally goals, I am so jealous ahaha! I too use my camera to take insta photos now - I just never 100% mastered making the photos look good just using my iPhone.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Thank-you so much, I really appreciate it & im glad you found the post useful! I know, some people can get it so right but I can never get the lighting 100% how I like it so that's why I use my camera! X

  5. This was such a helpful post you lovely lady ! I absolutely love your Instagram feed .. definitely one of my faves ! It's so interesting too see how other people edit their pictures!
    Lots of love,


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