Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Why I Am All About Positivity...

"Believe You Deserve It And The Universe Will Serve It..."

This post is just really from my point of view on how I like to run my social media accounts and also what I enjoy reading and what I tend to scroll past.

In all honesty, I am a very positive person but yeah I do have the odd 5 minutes where I will be in a mood or be upset. But I don't allow those feelings to take control of my whole day because, well why would I want them to? I work extremely hard in all 3 jobs I have (which doesn't include blogging), I have lovely family and friends around me who I speak to daily, I have a beautiful home and to top it off I have a charming and very talented boyfriend! 
I won't go into this too much but a few years ago my Mum introduced me to Rhonda Byrne's books and the meaning of 'The Secret' and it really opened up the way I thought, spoke to people and how I reacted to situations. For example, when you are in a traffic jam do you get extremely annoyed, frustrated and let that negativity take over? Well, I used to. This new way of thinking turned that 10 minutes of stand still into 10 whole minutes I get to myself, no interruptions, no loud noises just peace and quiet so that I could plan what I was having for dinner that night or even come up with a piece of choreography for a dance class without being disturbed. I know to some of you it may sound silly but with 3 jobs, I don't tend to get a lot of free '10 minutes' where I am sat down doing nothing. Basically, 'The Secret' teaches you how to transform your life with your way of thinking and for me, it just works.

Blog, Instagram, Twitter...

Anyway, onto social media! I knew when I started 'JadeAnnLoves' that I wanted to spread positivity whether it was about products, companies or just a simple 'I hope that you have had a fantastic day today' tweet. I LOVE reading those types of tweets and posts and that is why I write them. I love how passionately people write about their 'Favourite Beauty Products' and even when they congratulate and compliment one another on getting a campaign or their wonderful photography it makes me smile. I want to be a part of spreading that positivity and making people feel happier simply because, as cringe and old fashioned as it sounds "It's nice to be nice". Some people, in fact most may find it difficult to hear compliments and begin to feel awkward but I compliment others and post nice tweets because I genuinely want to make people feel happy and fuzzy inside. I know to some it may seem 'kiss-arsey' but no matter how many followers you have, if I love something you have written or I've seen you tweet that you are 'feeling upset' it's my way of sending you a nice hug!

The only time you will see any sort of negativity on JadeAnnLoves is if I have not really enjoyed a product or item. However, most of the time I will have something good to say about it or will suggest a skin type or style that it may suit better. I will always be honest about products, whether they have been gifted to me or I have paid for them myself.

"Expectation Is A Powerful Attractive Force. Expect The Things You Want And Don't Expect The Things You Don't Want..."

This is the most personal post I have ever written here on my blog and I now feel comfortable enough to share it with you because I am confident enough to know positivity is what works for me. To me, it is not a sign of weakness or lack of personality it is simply an optimistic way of life that I enjoy.
 Please believe me when I say I do have some negative thoughts, it's only natural. I'm very emotional so I do cry about certain things or have a quick moan but as i've stated at the start of the post I don't allow it take over my whole day. I am grateful for everything I have and for the people around me and I put out those thankful thoughts multiple times throughout each day because I want to attract more of them. I don't want to tweet "Ergh, why has it got to be raining?" "The sales assistant in New Look was so rude" "Why does everything bad happen to me?" because I am only attracting negativity. Plus, if someone is rude just learn from that experience and be glad you are not that type of person. 

It has been very refreshing to write all of this down and I have really enjoyed it! If you would like to see more of this type of post here on my blog then please tweet me or comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts! In the mean time, if you scroll through my Instagram you can find some positive and motivational quotes under any of the flower photos. 

Much love as always, 

Jade x 



  1. Loved this post! I love the book too; it really makes you think about how you think and react in every day situations. xx


    1. Thank-you very much, I'm glad you liked it! Yes, it's a great book! X


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