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Zoella Sweet Inspirations...

"Being Happy Never Goes Out Of Style..."

I have never bought anything from the Zoella Beauty ranges before and I was browsing Feel Unique the other week and came across Zoe's 'Sweet Inspirations' range. I have heard many great things about all of her ranges and wanted to try some out for myself!
If you want to know what I thought about these 3 products then please keep on scrolling....

First up we have 'Bath Latte' was £6 now £4.80
This milky, very delicately sweet latte can be used in both the bath and shower. I have mainly used this as a shower cream as I shower every day and wanted to make the most of it but I did use it together with the bath fizzer as well. I was actually really surprised with the smell, I definitely thought it would be more sickly sweet but I wasn't. It's a very subtle, sweet smell with hints of honey and sweet almond. I love that it's not really strong, as much as I still want to feel clean I don't want to stink the entire bathroom out with an overpowering scent! It does however, have a hint of plastic about it so I am not too sure if it was because it has been in packaging for ages or they all smell like that because the moisturiser did too? The good thing is that this is only when you first apply it, your skin then feels smooth and the plastic scent is then washed away. It was lovely in the bath too and worked really well with the fizzer to create a creamy, deliciously scented relaxing bath. Also, I mean the packaging itself is a 10/10, it's a blimin' milk bottle!

Next we have the Le Fizz Bath Fizzer was £5 now £4
What made me laugh about this product was that it had a 'Do not eat' sticker on it but I can totally see why, it smells so edible! Plus, it looks like a slab of chocolate too. I broke off a couple of sections and dropped them into the bath and they started fizzing away. Le Fizz has a much stronger, more concentrated smell of sweet almond and honey which is perfect as it dissolves into the water nicely. I also noticed that it did not have a plastic smell like the other 2 products so I definitely think it was the packaging. When you compare these to bath bombs I think you get a bit more for your money as you can get 2/3 baths out of this product whereas most bath bombs you only get one.

Finally, I did save the best until last Double Creme Body Lotion was £5 now £4
I was so happy I ordered this lotion, it smells beautiful and soaks straight into your skin. The scent of this product is just like the other 2- Sweet almond oil, cacao and honey which combined help to smooth the skin and reduce any dry areas. The other day I forgot to put perfume on and I was wondering what I could smell and it was in fact the combination of showering with the bath latte and moisturising with this Double Creme lotion on my skin! As it has such a subtle fragrance to it I was really surprised that it lasted on my skin all day. It is quite thick in consistency but I like that, as i've said it soaks straight in and really is very moisturising. As I have very dry skin on my body I normally have to use a prescribed thick, medicinal smelling cream but I've been using this on my legs and it's working so well! I am so pleased! Definitely 10/10 for this product!
The packaging for all 3 of these products really makes you believe so much time and effort has gone into creating them. The colours are pastel perfection and I love the added touches of gold to really make them stand out and give them more of a luxurious feel. I proudly have them stashed in my wicker bubble bath box in the downstairs bathroom and they make the perfect decorations!

I am yet to try out any other products from Zoe's ranges and I cannot wait to test out some more! 
Let me know your favourites below...

As always, thank-you so much for reading this post!

Best wishes, 

Jade x 



  1. I always see the Bath Late in the shops and I have forever wondered if it is worth it at all. Is going to smell like milk? Will you need gallons of it to get any use? Is it going to be worth the price tag?

    You're actually ignited my interest in these products because whenever I see them I just think I'm gonna have to elbow some kids out of the way to buy something and it puts me off. I might stroll into a store on a quiet evening and something like the fizzy chocolate bar!

    Mel ★

    1. No, to me it definitely doesn't smell like milk! Haha, I know what you mean but we're adults & we like having a bath too! You can just do what I did though & order them online :) Glad you liked the post lovely, thank-you for taking the time to comment x

  2. Such pretty packaging they have I agree!

    1. I know, I love them! Thank-you for your comment :) x


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