Sunday, 27 November 2016

A Festive Feast With Grape & Olive...

"Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food..."

If you live in South Wales and are looking for somewhere to go for a delicious meal over the festive period then Grape & Olive in Swansea should be top of your list. My boyfriend and I went along to their event a few weeks ago and tucked in to some fantastic courses. 
If you want to hear more about what they have to offer then please keep scrolling...
The festive menu is available right now and finishes on January 3rd so there is plenty of time for you to book in at the tallest restaurant in Wales. 
I felt like there was a great selection of dishes and something for everyone. One thing you will notice from the menu is that it isn't confusing and there aren't dishes with lots of complicated names and ingredients you haven't heard of before. However, the food definitely isn't average! With very generous sized portions and a mix of meats, fish and vegetarian options I feel if you went with a big group or with your family there would be something to suit each individual. 

My favourite starters would definitely be the leek and potato soup and the fig and goats cheese tart. I normally go for prawns or chicken to start so it was a great chance for me to try something different and they were both so tasty with so much flavour.
For main we both really enjoyed the beef wellington and surprisingly the sweet potato, squash and feta muffin! I've never had beef wellington before and really enjoyed it, plus we both really enjoyed the sweet potato muffin which was a huge surprise as we never go for a vegetarian option for main but it was so full of flavour we went back for more!
Desserts-WOW! Even though I love desserts there only ever tends to be 2 or 3 choices on a menu that I have to decide between but not at Grape & Olive! Mouth-watering Treacle Tart, Chocolate and Orange fondant, Poached Pear and the most delicious Mulled Berry Brûlée I have ever eaten in my life. I am surprised we had any room left after such delightful dishes beforehand but we sure made room for more! I feel like in some restaurants they can give you such a small slice of cake or tart but Grape & Olive give you enough of each to make sure you get the full flavour of the dessert and possibly a little left over to share...(if you share dessert that is!) We will definitely be going back before Christmas, even if it's just to try the Mulled Berry Brûlée and gaze over the views of Swansea Bay because it is so worth the trip!
Whether you are visiting family in Swansea, shopping or even going for a skate at the Waterfront Winterland you should definitely go and enjoy a meal at Grape & Olive where you will not be disappointed! I will mention that this wasn't our first time here, we went a good few years ago for my Birthday and enjoyed sharing a chateaubriand. It still is one of the best pieces of steak I have ever eaten and I am glad the menu there is still just as tasty!
Thank-you so much for having us both, Ffion you did a wonderful job of organising the event and getting me in the festive spirit!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

Much love, 
Jade x 


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