Sunday, 6 November 2016

October Favourites...

"Warm Jumpers, Hot Chocolates and Colourful Leaves..."

So here we are 6 days into November and before you know it Christmas will soon be here! I had a lovely October and during the last week I even got to go back home to Cornwall and spend some time with my family which was definitely needed! 
This months favourites are a mix of hair care, skin care and make-up so if you would like to know what I was loving during October then please keep reading...

1. Bed Head 'Oh BeeHive' Dry Shampoo £14.50
Not only does this dry shampoo get rid of any excess oils it smells incredible! I completely forgot I had sprayed some in my hair one morning and throughout the day I kept asking my friends what perfume they were was my hair! This dry shampoo adds oomf to your hair to make it feel fuller and less limp. In comparison to Batiste Dry Shampoo's I would say this Bed Head one is a lot better. Unlike the Batiste ones i've tried Oh Beehive doesn't leave any white powder in your hair and it also doesn't feel like you've added any product to it, it's very light. At the moment it's on offer at FeelUnique for only £10!

2. Miss Patisserie 'Kukui Face Elixir' £16
Miss Patisserie is one of my favourite shops in Cardiff! I have used many products from this brand but this is the first face product I have used and I have been loving it. It contains Kukui nut oil which is rich in vitamins A, C and E and it has been helping to sooth my eczema as well as reducing any red patches I have. You only need a few drops on your face and I have been using it day and night. 

3. Collection Glam Crystals Glitter Eyeliner 'Dancing Queen' £2.99
I have bought many of these glitter liners over the years but this pink one caught my eye when I was shopping last month. I love adding glitter to my eye make up as I feel it really helps to make my eyes sparkle and stand out. I have been using this over a light pink eyeshadow on the inner third of my eye to create a glittery cut crease look. If you want to add some sparkle to your eyes but don't want to use loose glitter then this eyeliner is perfect! Plus Collection have such a great range of colours too.

4. Patisserie De Bain 'Orange Crush' Hand Cream £3.99
This hand cream saved my hands many times during October! I would say my hands suffer the most with eczema and I usually only moisturise them with prescribed creams but they can be so oily and sticky that I can't touch anything for ages after. This hand cream however has been so amazing and has really helped to reduce the dryness of the skin on my hands. As you can imagine it smells so delicious and makes a change to the very medicinal smells of other creams I normally use! For only £3.99 I think it's such a little bargain and a definite staple for your hand bag!
(Psst, you can check out my Patisserie De Bain post here...)

5. Lush 'Snow Fairy' Shower Gel £3.95
When I posted a photo of this on Instagram a few weeks ago some people were shocked to find out that I had never tried this before! I received this little bottle in a goodie bag from a Lush event I went to a few weeks ago and I was so happy! If you haven't tried this very pink and sparkly shower gel before then you are missing out. It smells of candy floss and sweets so if you aren't the biggest fan of sugary sweeties then this may not be for you! I love how I can smell this on my skin throughout the day as well.

6. Spectrum Collections 'B01' In The Buff £6.74 (£8.99)
This brush has been perfect for buffing and blending out my foundation and concealer. When I first received these Spectrum brushes a few months ago I went straight in and applied foundation to this brush and it didn't go too well. It's a very soft brush and I found it's better suited for buffing in foundation after I have used my make up sponge. My skin has not been quite right this month so my foundation has been sticking to some dry patches but this brush has been helping to blend it all out and really give the appearance of flawless skin. Plus, as I have said before Spectrum brushes are so easy to clean and they are vegan friendly.

7. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 'Cool Medium' £4.19
I have seen this concealer everywhere and last month I decided to grab this 'Cool Medium' shade as the one I already had was a bit too light. I personally think it is quite a thick concealer so you do need to do a lot of blending with it. I have been using a great brush from GWA to help blend it out and then using a damp make up sponge to create a perfect finish. I can trust this to last all day and now that I have found my correct shade I won't be swapping it any time soon! The only thing I would say is that whenever I see this in store it is always a different price, I just wish it would stay the same!

8. GWA Contour Brush £7.99
Although I have not been using this for contouring this brush has worked perfectly for blending out concealer. As I mentioned above, the Collection Concealer can be quite hard to blend out as it is quite thick but this extremely soft brush from GWA has been doing such a great job. Not only have I just been using it for blending out, it has also been great for applying powder over my concealer. It's the perfect size for getting right under your eyes without putting too much product on. If you have seen these GWA brushes before then you will also know they are cruelty free!

9. Boots Smooth Care Silky Mitts £1.99
Finally we have probably the most random product on this favourites post...and the cheapest! I picked these up last month and this is now my second pack. Basically I use these little mitts after I have shaved my legs, as it is now getting colder it doesn't take much for the little hairs on my legs to make an appearance even just a few hours after shaving. Once I get out of the shower I dry my legs and then use a mitt in circular motions over my legs and it just buffs away any patches I may have missed and just makes my legs a whole lot smoother! If, like me, your legs don't stay very smooth for long then try out these mitts from Boots, you get 3 in a pack and each mitt lasts around 4 applications.

So thats it for my favourites for October, I hope you enjoyed this post! 
Have you tried any of these?

Much love as always, 
Jade x 

PS: Products such as the Spectrum Brushes, GWA Brushes and Patisserie De Bain were gifted to me but all opinions are 100% truthful and honest. Also 'Snow Fairy' and 'Kukui Face Elixir' were included in goodie bags from blogging events but all opinion are 100% truthful and honest as always.



  1. The Spectrum Brushes are beautiful, popping them on my xmas list!
    great post!

    1. I know, they are gorgeous and so soft too! x


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