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10 Blog Posts To Write That Won't Cost You A Penny...

"Stay Patient & Trust Your Journey..."

There are tonnes of 'Blog Post Idea Posts' floating around however, I wanted to write a list of posts that you actually want to read and write and they won't cost you a thing because you already have the items!
If you want to have a look at this little list then carry on scrolling...

1. Wish Lists
I always have products I want written in the notes section on my phone as well as having lots of screenshots saved from Instagram and I'm pretty sure you do too! I recently wrote my 'Pay Day Wish List' and it was a great way of putting down what I actually want. Mine was for make up but it doesn't have to be you could do a fashion wish list or even a 1 brand only wish list.
2. Blogging Tips & Tricks
It's always good to share any tips and tricks you may have picked up along the way with fellow bloggers. I have read multiple blogging tips posts over the last year and they have really helped.
I haven't actually written one myself but here is a little trick I use. When you have products that roll around a lot such as lipsticks, add a tiny bit of blu tac on the back and tah-dah no more rolling!
3. Every Day Make Up Look
This is perfect for sharing what you love and adore about your favourite make up products and it won't cost you a thing! You already own everything you want to include and it's a great way of sharing any products that may help keep your make up on all day. 

4. How To Edit Your Instagram Photos
This was one of my most read blog posts and I am hoping to do an updated one soon. Instagram is constantly changing and as much as I still love it as an app, trying to grow your account on there is pretty difficult at the moment! However, sharing your editing tips may really help someone else plus it's great for others to share their tips on your post too. 
5. Empties
What a great way for you to create content with rubbish...just remember to photograph it first before you throw it away! I love hearing about what people have thought after they have completely finished a product. This can be anything from hair products to skin care.
6. Review of your most used palette
We all know that mine would definitely be the Too Faced 'Sweet Peach' Palette and you can see the 2 different looks I did with it here. I would love to read more posts about palettes because they can be quite expensive and I never want to spend a lot of money on a palette I can only do 1 sort of look with. If you have a palette that you love and use a lot why don't you share your favourite looks on your blog.
7. 3 Summer Hairstyles
I would love to see more hair tutorials/ideas on blogs! I'm actually quite boring with my hair and even though I style it most days I never tend to experiment with it much so if you are someone who does then please send me your links!

8. Your Favourite Bloggers/Instagrammers/Youtubers...
Sharing the love is certainly something that the blogging community needs right now! There are so many different bloggers out there and I'm sure you all have your favourite accounts on each platform. I always love sharing my favourite accounts on my Instagram Stories but in fact I love so many bloggers and influencers I should write a whole post about my favourites!

9. Highstreet Favourites
Highstreet/Drugstore whatever you want to call them! As a make up lover I am always on the lookout for new make up, especially in Boots and Superdrug. Can't get enough of those advantage points! There are so many great, affordable products out there and I feel most of us spend a bit on the high street when it comes to make up. Let your readers know your most loved, affordable products and why you love them! 
10. Top 3 Blushers/Highlighters/Bronzers
These can be highstreet to high end. You are able to share why you have picked your 'Top 3' and how they compare to one another. For me I love seeing swatches of the product, whenever I am looking at buying new make up I always look online for blog posts with swatches before I buy. If you are writing about a popular product this is a good way of getting people to notice your blog!

So there we are my 10 blog post ideas that don't cost a penny...yes you may have originally spent money when you bought some of the products but you are not additionally spending any more money. I hope that I have given you some ideas and please let me know if you are inspired by any of these, I would love to read!

Much love as always, 

Jade x 



  1. Lovely post jade! I'm getting back into blogging and all things youtube soon once my work is done so this was so helpful! xx

    1. No problem at all lovely! Looking forward to watching your videos! Thanks for reading x

  2. This was a great post to read! I've been so stuck for post ideas lately, you forget to go back to basics and write about simple, everyday things. xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Yes definitely! Sometimes I feel like I have to write about 'new' products when actually everyone else is already doing that! Thanks for reading lovely x

  3. This was such a nice post to read ! I've also gotten some inspiration from this too babe :) will definitely be using some of these !

    1. Aww that's great to hear Saira! Thank-you for taking the time to read it : ) x

  4. I really love reading blog inspirations posts, will definitely be saving this for future reference when the dreaded block strikes! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

    1. I love reading them too! Aww thank-you I hope it helps you one day : ) x

  5. I love reading the blog post ideas you've suggested, especially fave bloggers or Youtubers as it's awesome to discover new people! Your photos are beautiful by the way :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Hello! Thank-you for so much for reading my post, I'm glad you liked the ideas!



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