Sunday, 7 May 2017

Lush Haul...

"Do What Makes Your Soul Shine..."

What's that? A Lush haul without a bath bomb! 
Yes, I recently visited my new local Lush store in Cardiff (which is now a Lush Spa) and it looks incredible. It's so big and there was so much more room to move around without being crowded by excited teenagers fighting over the bath bombs!  I got 3 products, 2 of which I bought and 1 I got for free!
If you would like to read all about them then carry on scrolling...

First up we have 'Rosy Cheeks' £7.25
A fresh, handmade mask that delicately calms the skin. I'm a huge lover of face masks and I have tried out many Lush fresh masks before. If you are yet to try these out then just a quick heads up...they need to be kept in the fridge! I wouldn't say that this one is for a particular skin type, I have sensitive dry/combination skin and I didn't have any reaction to it nor did it reduce any oily areas. I actually bought it because at the time I had caught the sun and was looking a little red and wanted something to cool it down, this mask was perfect! It contains rose oil and it smells beautiful. If you are after a cooling and calming mask with a very relaxing smell then this would be great for you.
I also didn't pay for this I didn't steal it!
I traded in 5 used (but washed!) pots from other Lush products and got this free! This is a great way of recycling and getting something out of it.
Next is this Honey Lip Scrub £5.75
Now I have tried a couple of their lip scrubs before but this one has to be my favourite! I get dry lips very easily but with a quick scrub of this sugary goodness they are back to normal. This scrub contains organic jojoba oil, peppermint oil and sweet wild orange oil so once you've scrubbed off any dry bits they are left moisturised. I was originally on the hunt for the 'Chocolate' lip scrub but when I was smelling the 2 together the honey one definitely stood out. These scrubs are also great for scrubbing off the last bits of stubborn liquid lipstick.
Finally I bought 'Soft Coeur' Massage Bar £4.95
This is a product I have bought many times before because it smells INCREDIBLE! With ingredients such as toffee, almond oil, honey and cocoa butter it leaves your skin feeling so soft. I actually don't tend to use this as a massage bar but more of a moisturising bar. All of the massage bars smell beautiful and I was super jealous of the lady having an arm massage in store by one of the lovely Lush ladies! This is quite sickly sweet so if you are not into sweet/chocolately smells then perhaps don't go for this one however, if you love smelling like toffee and chocolate then I highly recommend!

So there it is, my mini Lush haul without a single bath bomb in sight! I obviously do love their bath bombs I just didn't buy any this time!

I hope that you have enjoyed this mini haul. 
What is your all time favourite Lush product?

Thanks for reading, 

Jade x 


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