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*Miss Patisserie X Boots...

"Coffee In One Hand, Confidence In The Other..."

I was so happy when I discovered this wonderful shop a couple of years ago. Situated in one of Cardiff's many shopping arcades with one of the best window displays i've ever seen, Miss Patisserie is one of my all time favourite shops and I am so pleased that they will be launching across over 80 Boots stores with their beautiful products this May!
Charlotte launched this wonderful vegan skincare brand from her South Wales kitchen back in 2009 and now it will be featuring in one of the biggest beauty retailers in the UK.
If you want a sneak peek at some of their products then carry on reading...
I've actually bought their Mango soufflé before and absolutely loved it. It's a rich and thick butter with a delicious smell of watermelon that soaks into the skin and leaves you feeling moisturised throughout the day. This non-greasy soufflé has some very nourishing ingredients whipped inside including rice bran and sweet almond oil to rid your skin of any dry patches. 
Flavours to look out for-
Peony + Pear
Lotus Flower
These look good enough to eat right?!
Packaged in their own individual boxes these cupcakes melt away to give you the sweetest of baths. They contain shea and cocoa butter to leave your skin feeling nourished and they also come in a range of scents. All you have to do is carefully peel away the cupcake case, pop into your bath and enjoy. Once the base has melted away you can actually use the top icing to exfoliate away any dry areas you may have. 
How handy!
Papaya Tea (My bf fave)
Milk + Honey (My fave)
Sea Salt
Oh, another bath ball...
No. These bath balls from Miss P aren't any old bath bomb. 
These bath balls are jam packed with ingredients to cleanse and tone your skin as well as giving you a burst of colour in your bath. So not only can you relax and enjoy the beautiful aroma that fills your bathroom you can benefit from the essential oils these bold bath balls release!
Bath balls to look out for-
Twinkle (Featured) 
Rainbow River
Colour Fest
Miami (Smells incredible!)
If you remember I have blogged about this product before here. You can use this fantastic scrub on your body and face which I don't think you can do with many scrubs. Miss Patisserie uses the Aribaca bean which is ultra fine making it suitable for your face and handy when you're in the shower and can scrub and exfoliate your whole body in one go! It gets rid of a lot of texture on your skin and leaves you feeling silky smooth and smelling of beautiful oranges and coffee all day. I will say that this doesn't dry out your skin. I have really dry legs and because this contains coconut oil which, is a fantastic product in itself, it leaves your skin fresh and moisturised throughout your day.
Other scrubs-

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the collection-
Bath Slabs
Sugar Scrubs
Bath Crumble

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and let me know if you try out any of these products!
Thank-you for taking the time to read this post, 

Lots of love, 
Jade x 

*I was very kindly gifted these products from Miss Patisserie but all of my opinions are my own and 100% truthful.


  1. Oo so excited for this to be in Boots, always wanted to try the range! The bath bombs are the cutest xx

    Tamz |

  2. Everything in the post looks so pretty and cute I think I'm in love! Those bath balls sound amazing! And just look at them! Loved this post

    Ellie x

  3. These products look and sound AMAZING! I'd be worried if I left the cupcake melts in my bathroom that my boyfriend (or cat, haha!) would think it's real and eat it! I definitely am going to check out this company though, I love a good bath melt!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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