Sunday, 9 July 2017

*My First Health & Fitness Post Featuring USN...

"Get Healthy For Yourself. It's About You, Not Others..."

I have wanted to incorporate some sort of 'Health & Fitness' into my blog for ages! I enjoy going to the gym and I love creating healthy meals and snacks and I have finally decided to share that on my blog. If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that I have been putting my workouts on my IG Stories and also showing you some very easy snack ideas. In this post I will be showing you some fab products I have been trying out from USN.
So if you'd like to know more then please carry on scrolling...
First up we have a product that at first I honestly didn't think I'd get on well with but I actually love it! This is B4 Burn pre workout which gives you that extra boost you may need before your gym or workout session. Now the reason I didn't think i'd get on well with this is because I've tried something like this in the past and all it did was make me really shakey! This however, does not make me shakey or jittery it just really gives me the energy to get through a workout and continue running when normally i'd probably just give up. I take this 30 minutes before I workout and I actually use half a scoop instead of the recommended full scoop because that is enough for me plus, it tastes like pink lemonade! 
Next up I have been drinking this delicious Vanilla Cinnamon Bun Whey Protein. Yes, vanilla cinnamon bun flavour! Previously, I have never been able to drink protein shakes mixed with just water but I can actually drink this one because it's so tasty. After I get in from my workout I have been having 1 shake mixed with water to help with repair and recovery of my muscles.

Here we have some Chocolate Brownie low carb delite protein bars. If I know I am going to the gym later on in the day then I will have one of these as snack. They are super filling and i'd rather reach for one of these than a normal chocolate bar as they contain protein and other ingredients which are more beneficial. Protein bars i've tried in the past can be quite dry and bland but these bars have a bit of a crunch to them and pack a lot of flavour! 
They also have a strawberry cheesecake flavour which I really want to try.
Finally, USN definitely took the time to have a read through my blog and Instagram because they sent me a very pink shaker! I mean there isn't too much that I can say about a shaker but i've had no spillages with it and it's easy to clean.

Drinking shakes and learning about protein can seem a little intimidating to start with and it's not for everyone. However, the USN team are really helpful and their website is so easy to navigate through. If you are looking to up your gym game then i'd definitely recommend having a browse through their website, I know that their products have made me excited to start each workout no matter how much I am out of breath at the end of it and look like a tomato!

I hope that you have enjoyed this new type of post and keep your eyes peeled for some workout ideas coming soon.

Much love, 

Jade x 

*USN kindly gifted me these products but all opinions are my own and are 100% honest



  1. Loved this post! All of these products sounded great!! ❤️

    Love Somachi xx

  2. USN is one of my favourite brands, they do the best protein! I haven't tried their pre workout yet though! xx

    Tamz |


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