Monday, 16 October 2017

How To Be A Positive Person...

"Treat Yourself With Love & Respect & You Will Attract People Who Show You Love & Respect..."

I asked my Instagram followers a couple of weeks ago if they would like to read a post all about my tips for positivity and quite a few people responded with "Yes please!" 
I always like to keep things positive in my day to day life and online so, if you are after some tips then please keep scrolling...
1. Try to find any positive, no matter how small, in any situation. You are stuck in traffic but that's okay because you can plan what you're having for dinner in your head whilst you have a free spare 10 minutes. It's raining but you get a chance to wear your fancy new coat or test out your new Cath Kidston Umbrella! The restaurant has sold out of your favourite meal but that's okay because you get a chance to try something new. There will always be people who will moan and complain but try to be the person who is adventurous and spontaneous. There would be nothing you could do about those 3 situations above, you can't do a Bruce Almighty and move the traffic nor could you magically erase the rain clouds. Complaining to the waiter or waitress won't make your meal appear in the restaurant so you've got to accept those situations for what they are and change the way you feel and react to them instead.  

2. Be thankful for what you already have and continue to say 'thank-you' throughout each day. I always say 'thank-you' when there is a car park space available. Car parks can cause some people to become quite anxious so be grateful when you've parked in a space that you're happy with. Say 'thank-you' when you've managed to grab your favourite sandwich in the shop and it's the last one. Say 'thank-you' when you've nailed your wing liner 1st attempt! Say 'thank-you' when you've woken up to your alarm instead of sleeping through it. All these things may seem quite small but the more you recognise that you have to be thankful for, the more positive experiences you are attracting towards your life. Just imagine if all of these situations didn't go to plan and how that would make you feel? 

3. Avoid talking negatively. Try to move away from negative and bitchy talk at work or with a group of friends. When you hear others complaining and moaning attempt to turn the conversation into a more positive one-
You "Did you have a nice weekend?"
Them "Uhh it went so quickly."
You "Really? What was your favourite part though?"

So instead of you just agreeing and saying that it did go quick, ask them what they enjoyed about it. That then gets them thinking about what was exciting about their weekend and they will probably enjoy sharing that with you. 
I do allow myself to confide in my Boyfriend or Mum if I just need to let off some steam! I understand that being positive 100% of the time isn't always achievable and they are both great at letting me have 5 minutes and then helping me decide what to do next or how to approach a situation. If you do not feel you have anyone close enough to talk to, you can always message me and I'll do my best to help you out : )

4. Smile More! When you walk into work how many people do you smile at or say "Good morning" to? I always try to give my colleagues eye contact and smile. If someone said "Good morning" to me and smiled I wouldn't find it that odd, so what is stopping me? It's a nice gesture and you never know who is feeling lonely, it could be the boost they need to get them through the morning.

5. Accept compliments. Woah, here's a big one!
Does this sound familiar?
Them "I love your dress, the colour really suits you!"
You "Oh really, it was like £4 in the sale in Primark, it's so old."
Someone has just taken the time to give you a lovely compliment and you've just turned the situation into a negative one. This isn't always easy as a lot of us don't like receiving compliments or may not always get them so we don't quite know what to do when we hear them but you are allowed to say "Thank-you!" You don't sound big-headed, no one really turns into Regina George and says "So you agree, you think you're really pretty?!" Allow that positive comment to brighten up your day and make you feel good about yourself.

6. Admire someone else's skills and talents without questioning your own. 
If you think someone is beautiful it doesn't mean that you are ugly. If you think your friend is amazing at painting it doesn't mean that you aren't creative. You have your own talents that are special to you so be proud of them. Plus, let others know what you admire about them.

7. If your day isn't going as you'd planned and some of the previous tips aren't quite working then find an activity that you are good at. It is important to make time for this to ensure that the rest of your day goes well. This is completely individual so you may enjoy baking, going to the gym or painting. If you are good at this activity then it will calm you down and will give you the confidence to carry on with your day.

I really hope that these helped in some way and I tried to relate them to work or conversations you are likely to come across so you can see how easy it can be to fit them into your day to day life. I do believe that having a positive mindset is for everyone you just need to be in the right place in your life to give it a go. If any of these tips have helped you then please let me know!

Much love as always and thank-you for taking the time to read this!

Jade x 


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