Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lush 'Popcorn' Lip Scrub...

Are you ready to say "Hello!" to new, soft lips? Yes, of course you are because there is nothing worse than waking up ready to wear your new favourite lipstick and your lips have decided to dry up and become flakey overnight. For me, I have always had dry lips. I feel I stay really hydrated and I drink plenty of water before and after I am teaching dance or going to the gym but there is nothing that I do or in fact don't do that I can really pin point what makes them worse. However, I was in Lush back in Cornwall a few weeks ago and came across their lip scrubs. My lips had really been playing up that week and no dry toothbrush trick could solve the problem. There were 3 to choose from 'Bubblegum',  'Mint Julips' and 'Popcorn'. I wasn't really fussed on any of the scents as they were all quite sickly but I did prefer 'Popcorn' the most and so off I popped to the till.

Later on that day I used the lip scrub twice and I could already see a huge improvement. Thank God for that!

Now, you maybe thinking that scrubbing your lips may cause some irritation. Not for me it didn't, or anyone else I know that has tried it. I have had eczema my entire life and my skin is prone to dislike pretty much any product I use! This lip scrub however did not cause any sensitivity or redness and I have now used it many times. This may have something to do with the fact that out of the 7 ingredients this has in it, 6 of them are completely natural!

Directions for use are as simple as it gets. Apply a small amount to your lips, gently rub in and smoothly buff away with a splash of water or a cloth/flannel. That's all it takes to get your lips looking chapped free and ready for your favourite lip product!

At only £5.50 I really feel like everyone needs a pot of lip scrub in their bathroom. Even if you don't have sensitive, dry lips this really preps your lips before you apply something like a matte liquid lipstick.


  • Cheap
  • You only need the smallest amount, so the pot lasts forever
  • Great for sensitive skin (Definite Brownie points)


  • For me, it doesn't smell the nicest. Quite sickly
  • Can be a bit messy

If you have tried out any of Lush's Lip Scrubs before, please let me know what you think of them!

Once again, thank-you for reading, 

Much love as always, 

Jade x


NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams...

I was so excited to see lots of new goodies from NYX Cosmetics on ASOS a few weeks ago. I'd only tried one of their products before which was a lip pencil and I was really impressed with that so I couldn't wait to put in an order! I decided to go for the 'Soft Matte Lip Creams' as the choice of colours was endless. These cost just £5.50 from ASOS which I think is a great price but they are just slightly smaller than most normal lip glosses and liquid lipsticks.

Now, as you will see from the pictures I didn't really go for a wide range of shades. This is because I wanted to buy colours that I knew would suit me and that I would wear. Plus, these are all very Spring/Summer shades which is handy because those are the seasons we are (apparently!) heading towards!


  • Morocco
  • Istanbul
  • Antwerp
  • Milan


All the shades I purchased have the same consistency, longevity and scent. They are very lightweight, velvety smooth and have a 'donut' like smell! If you have tried these out, I am sure you know what I mean! Now, as these have a creamy formula they do not dry completely matte. They do transfer, at least for the first hour of wearing them anyway but for someone like me who has quite dry lips this makes this product perfect for me. They are very easy to apply and because they don't dry instantly if you do happen to make a mistake or suddenly regret going for the 'Kylie' overdrawn look then you can remove any accidents easily. Unlike a matte liquid lipstick these creams are very lightweight and you can hardly notice it on your lips. It definitely doesn't dry your lips out. However, the downside is that they don't stay on for very long. 

Take a look at these shades on and see if any take your fancy...


"...a bright, orangey/red. Perfect for these upcoming seasons..."


"...a very sweet light pink..."


"...a coral/pink which is more bold than the other 2 pink shades..."


"...similar to Istanbul but slightly deeper with a tiny hint of cool toned purple..."


  • Inexpensive
  • Huge range of shades
  • Great for dry lips
  • Very soft on your lips


  • Poor longevity
  • Small tube

Overall I would give these NYX Soft Matte Creams an 8/10. I will definitely be purchasing some more and maybe I will try to step out of my comfort zone and buy a shade I haven't tried before! Let me know if you have tried any of these, i'd love to hear what you think.

Thank-you for reading, 

Much love, 

Jade x


Saturday, 27 February 2016

My First Lush Blogging Event...

Earlier on this week I got a chance to go to my first Lush Blogging event! I've shopped in Lush for years and i've always enjoyed using many of their products from bath bombs to cuticle butter. If you are new to blogging like me you may possibly feel a bit nervous before you attend an event because although you may interact with other bloggers on social media, actually meeting them in person can be quite scary! I decided to tweet the lovely Holly to ask if she was going and she was! So I met with Holly, Paige and Chelsea in Starbucks beforehand and then met the lovely Hayley as we were waiting to go inside Lush. (Please click on their names above and check out their blogs!)

As we arrived inside the store we were greeted with many lovely Lush helpers who were ready to grab groups of us and show us all the new products! We also had a lovely flute glass of something sparkly with blueberries. Lowri decided to take us 5 on and show us around! We started with bath bombs and after checking out the cute easter egg style bath bombs we were then covered in glitter by the 'Golden Egg' bath melt! No, seriously that gold glitter got everywhere! Then we had a chance to look at the Mother's Day range. In my thoughtful lil goodie bag I received two of the bath bombs from this range which were 'Ladybird' and 'Rose Bombshell'. I am yet to use either of them but after seeing and smelling both of them at this event I can tell you that the 'Ladybird' bubble bar is pepperminty and the 'Rose Bombshell' is obviously very floral and has rose petals in it which, if I remember correctly, Lowri said were handpicked.

After browsing downstairs a little bit we then moved upstairs. We first looked at the massage bars. I've used there before and not for massaging! I actually love their scent ('Soft Coeur' in particular for it's toffee goodness) and use them as a moisturiser because I can smell it on my skin all day! A few of the girls had their arms massaged and then we moved onto make-up. I don't think any of us had used their make-up range before so it was all new to us. After watching the demonstration of the foundation I would definitely think about purchasing it in the future. We also had a look at the lipsticks which were gorgeous and handy to know that they could be used anywhere on the face. Lip products can sometimes be great to use as a cheek stain!

Finally, we looked at face masks. Last week for some reason my skin was not my friend! I had many spots which I rarely have considering I have dry skin and they were not budging! I wanted a mask to calm my skin down and balance it out. As a group we tested out 'Cupcake' a chocolatey, minty mask for drawing out the dirt deep within your skin and 'Cosmetic Warrior' a garlicy, very natural smelling mask for cleansing and moisturising. I wanted to purchase my first mask and Lowri recommended that I tried 'Catastrophe Cosmetic'. A calming mask with blueberries and chamomile which would be great for soothing my skin and getting rid of those spots which had decided to set up shop on my chin. It is now Saturday and I have used the mask twice. This morning I used it whilst in the bath after exfoliating with 'Cup o' Coffee' and left it on for around 10 minutes. I never normally use a mask or scrub in the morning if I am going to wear make-up later on in the day just because I like to let my skin breathe. However,  I was teaching dance today and I wanted to make the most out of this mask. Honestly, I couldn't even feel any make-up on my skin all day! I have sensitive skin and if you have tried 'Cup o' Coffee' exfoliating mask you will know that it is not an every day mask/scrub but this blueberry and chamomile magic mask just calmed and cooled my skin down immediately. 

I had such a good time and everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I wouldn't say that it is a relaxing and calming event, it is filled with bubbles, glitter and laughs as well as a multitude of smells but it was definitely exciting and reassured me that Lush is a great place to spoil yourself with staff who are well educated in all their products and ranges. 

Thank-you for having me Lush Cardiff, you have a great team and I can't wait to see you again soon!

Thank-you for reading, 

Jade x

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