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Kylie Cosmetics Review and Swatches...

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About a month ago Kylie was offering $5 International shipping on and I decided to treat myself! Honestly, I have wanted to try these liquid lipsticks out for so long and 'Koko K' has definitely been on my wish list ever since it launched.
What has put me off from ordering before was how expensive the shipping was I also knew there was a chance of having to pay a customs charge as well. Anyway, if you would like to know more about how much I paid in total and swatches then please keep on scrolling...

What I paid...

I decided to just go for the liquid lipstick singles instead of buying the lip kits because I own quite a lot of lip liners anyway and as this was my first purchase from Kylie Cosmetics I didn't want to spend too much! I bought 'Mary Jo K' and 'Koko K' which cost $17 each roughly £14 each. International shipping at that time was $5 roughly £4, it's normally $14.95 roughly £12. I then also had to pay a customs charge, basically if you are ordering from outside the EU and they estimate the value of the parcel being over £15 then you will have to pay import VAT. I had to pay £13.90 which was pretty steep considering a few weeks before I paid £11 for a much heavier package, I'm not too sure how they value your parcel if I'm honest. Overall I paid £45.90 which works out to be about £23 for each liquid lipstick. Obviously if you were to order more products then it would work out a little cheaper per item as the cost of shipping is flat rate. 


First up we have 'Mary Jo K' this gorgeous bright red matte liquid lipstick. With just 1 application this lipstick is so pigmented and doesn't leave me with any lines or patches. The formula is really thin and there is plenty on the applicator, I have to swipe some off otherwise it's too runny. If you want a deeper red then you can apply 1 more layer. I did this straight after I applied it and it didn't flake off or feel like I had too much on either. The scent of this is very sweet and actually I really like it, I know a few people have said that it's too sickly but it's not a horrible smell at all. It stays on really well and I don't feel like it makes my lips look too dry throughout the day either. 
As you can see this red is very bold and I can't wait to wear it over the next couple of months. One of my favourite make up looks to wear around Christmas time is a matte red lip and a sharp black liquid liner. As this is such a bold colour I would suggest wearing a lip liner underneath it, as you can see from the photo above it's not the easiest to apply and would look a lot neater if I had used one. Overall, I really like the shade and the formula and I like that it has cool blue undertones so it helps to make your teeth look whiter. 
Next up it's 'Koko K' a pale pink matte liquid lipstick. This is the shade I have been after ever since Kylie launched her cosmetics company. This definitely has the same scent as 'Mary Jo K' but I feel it applies differently. It goes into the little cracks in my lips and makes them look quite dry so I was a little bit gutted about this. However, I applied a very similar colour lip liner underneath and reapplied Koko K and it was a lot better. This was a lot lighter on me and less pink than I expected as I had seen many swatches so I would assume that if you used the Koko K liner it would possibly be more of the shade I was expecting.
I am looking forward to using Koko K with a very glittery, pink eye look and lots of highlighter! I have actually been wearing it during the day and really liking that too. The only thing I would say is that once this is on it does stay on well so you don't really need to apply any more over the top. When I tried this it did clump up and start coming off, I think when you are out and you haven't applied anything on your lips in a few hours it's a habit to want to put more on but you don't need to do that with these which is really good.
Overall I am pleased with the 2 liquid lipsticks I bought. They are both very long-wearing and I like the thin formula because it makes it seem like you barely have anything on your lips. Although I really liked them £23 each is quite pricey and I would only ever buy from Kylie Cosmetics again if there was another offer for cheaper International shipping. 

Have you tried any of these liquid lipsticks before? What did you think and which shades did you go for?

I hope that you enjoyed this post, as always thank-you for reading!

Jade x 



  1. These look amazing, I'm definitely going to have to try. Fab pictures too!


    1. Aww that's so kind of you, thank-you very much lovely! x

  2. The colours of both look great on you. I have been tempted by KoKo K for the longest time! Xx

    1. I know, I wanted it for so long! Let me know if you get it! Thanks for commenting x

  3. i have that problem with a few liquid lipsticks, the minute you try to reapply it goes clumpy! but these look gorgeous, i've been dying to try them!
    jen / velvet spring

    1. It's good that you don't have to re-apply it...until you eat something that rubs it off and then it can get a little messy! Thanks for commenting lovely x


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