Sunday, 21 August 2016

*Unicorn Friendly Make Up Brushes...

"Make up is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful, it is meant to magnify the beauty that already exists..."

It has taken me ages to find the perfect make up brush set. They either don't have the right amount of eye brushes I am looking for or there are sets that contain 'brow combs' and 'concealer' brushes which I already have plenty of. I have been following Spectrum Collections on Instagram and Twitter for ages and have always been in love with their brightly coloured and unique sets. They kindly sent me their 10 x piece essential set and I have been testing it out over the past few weeks and I am ready to give you a review! 
If you would like to know more about this dreamy brush set then please continue reading...
As I said above, I have been finding it difficult to buy the perfect brush set which includes all the brushes I need. This essential set is exactly what I needed. It includes 4 x face brushes and 6 x eye and lip brushes and is the perfect set to get you started.

B01 - Flat Top Buffer
A01 - Large Domed Powder (Perfect for pressed powder)
A05 - Small Angled Blush (Amazing for blush)
B03 - Buffing Concealer (Great for blending)
A06 - Large Fluffy Shader
B06 - Tall Tapered Blender (Perfect for the crease)
B04 - Small Angled Blender
A17 - Angled Brow
A15 - Lip Liner
A09 - Angled Eyeliner

When I first opened the set I was amazed by how soft these synthetic brushes were as well as being cruelty free and vegan. When I was first properly getting into make up a few years ago I bought a cheap set from Amazon which included every type of brush you could think of but they just weren't of great quality. They didn't pick up eyeshadow well, gave me lots of fall out and were very scratchy on my skin. The difference when using these Spectrum brushes is unreal! Even comparing them to some of my Morphe brushes I am pleasantly surprised. They make it so easy to blend and at first I was picking up way too much powder and eyeshadow because I wasn't used to such a great brush!
It's easy to see that these brushes are 'Instagram' worthy because they look beautiful, straight out of a Mermaid's make up bag but there is definitely a lot more to these brushes than the way they look.
 You can also add to your collection from just £3.99 per brush on the Spectrum Collection site where you can get 10% off your first order by signing up to their newsletter. 
As always I hope that you have enjoyed this post.
Have you tried Spectrum brushes? Which are your favourites?

Much love, Jade x

* I was kindly sent these brushes to review by Spectrum Collection Brushes but all of the opinions are 100% honest.



  1. I haven't tried the Spectrum brushes but these look amazing Jade! Lovely post xxx // Imogen

    1. They not only look beautiful but they are incredible at applying make up! So soft! Thanks for your comment lovely :) x

  2. I've got this set of brushes - they're so good aren't they! You are right, too - SO instagrammable haha (especially for your pink insta!!!). Great pics too - I love how you've done photos whilst you're actually doing your makeup!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. Yes I know, they are perfect for my Instagram theme! Haha! Aww thank-you, your comments are so kind! They've made my day :) x


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