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My 'Ride or Die' Products...

"Be your own kind of beautiful..."

I have wanted to write a post like this for so long but it's been so hard to try and narrow down the products that are my absolute 'Ride or Die' products! It was originally just going to be all make up products but I decided to add a few extra ones in here too. For a few of them it may not necessarily be that particular brand or product it may be something I am currently using. If you want to see if you have any similar products to me or you just fancy a lil nose then keep reading...

This is my favourite foundation and it also just happens to be my most expensive one too! You will notice that concealer isn't in this list and that is because with this foundation I honestly don't feel like I need it. I rarely get spots so i'm quite lucky in the sense that I don't need to cover those up but I do have slight dark circles under my eyes and this foundation just creates the most flawless base.
If I could only use one blush or face powder then it would be this one. It is split into little triangles which you can use for different parts of the face. I remember many years ago when I first bought this the Benefit lady was telling me I could use the darker purple shade to contour my cheek bones and I was like "What on earth is contour?!" Now I totally get it and some days when I am wearing less make up or perhaps I am in a rush then I use the pinker/peach shades to brighten up my cheeks and the purple shades to create shadows. I will also say if you haven't tried this before that it is not so pigmented that you have to use the teeniest amount. It's the perfect blush for me because I can blend it in nicely with bronzer and not end up looking like I am sunburnt!

3. Nail Varnish
Nail varnish is one of my 'Ride or Die' products because I always have it on. I am sure I have read somewhere that Kim Kardashian West once said that if she had to choose between wearing nail varnish or mascara she would pick nail varnish. I cannot stand chipped nail varnish or bitten nails and even if you bite your nails I think they look 100% better with a bit of colour on them. For me, painted nails complete an outfit and I love how the colours can change throughout the seasons just like your wardrobe. Some of my favourite brands are O.P.I, Barry M and Models Own.
4. Eyebrows
Up until a few years ago I think many of us wouldn't even think about our eyebrows other than getting them waxed every 6 weeks and now there are whole shelves dedicated to them at our favourite make up section. I actually have a small scar on my left eyebrow where hair no longer grows so it can actually take me a little longer to fill that in and match it up to the other one. I don't mind though because I love how eyebrows really shape the face. My Mum has always told me this and she used to hate it when I would tweeze my eyebrows when I was younger because I would do such a rubbish job! Although I don't think I would suit thick brows I definitely like making them a little bit darker and fuller to complete my make up look. I do think that the 'natural' brow looks the best but if like me you have over tweezed throughout the years then there are many products to help create that look.
5. Primers
I have very sensitive skin so the thought of applying foundation directly onto my face really freaks me out! I have used primers for years and I truly believe they make so much difference to the application and overall look of your make up. From priming sprays to matte effect to glowing to mens shaving balm each primer helps my make up stay in place and apply evenly. Primers are a definite ride or die!
6. Lip Products
I will always always have some sort of lip product in my hand bag or gym bag. My lips can get dry quite quickly so I use EOS lip balms or Vaseline to help with that. If I don't fancy wearing lipstick then I like to use a lip tint as my lips aren't naturally very pink. These double ended tint and balms from Rimmel are perfect.
7. Mascara
I love mascara, I feel it really brightens up my eyes and makes me look more awake. In all honesty if I could only wear 1 make up item it would be mascara! What I like in a mascara is a good brush and for it not to be too watery. Most days I wear 2 different types of mascara and this is because I haven't found the 'perfect' one yet. If you have, please comment below i'd love to try it! 
8. Perfume
I love so many different perfumes and I love that I don't always wear the same one. Yes there are some that I purchase more than once but I also enjoy spritzing something new. I am one of those people that will ask someone in the supermarket what fragrance they are wearing because you can't guess it or really remember it plus if someone asks me I will happily tell them!
9. Eye Drops
I use eye drops a lot and even if I am just wearing mascara I like to put a few drops in my eyes to really brighten them up. My eyes can look quite blood shot and when I have tried to take make up photos before without using eye drops I feel it sometimes looks like I have been crying which is not the look I have been going for! These also help me out when they are super itchy due to hay fever!
10. Liquid Eyeliner
I have been wearing liquid eyeliner for years now and I love how much it completes a make up look. So many people tell me that they wouldn't wear it because they are scared about getting it wrong and I can completely understand that! Just like mascara I like to use 2 different eyeliners. The felt tip looking one is great for creating the initial outline and is perfect for getting that sharp flick. The one in the pot is better for colouring in the outline and creating a darker flick. 

So thats it, my Top 10 Ride or Die products! Let me know what you would add to this list or what you agree with me on!

As always, I hope that you have enjoyed this post and found it interesting!

Much love as always, 

Jade x


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