Thursday, 17 March 2016

Make-up Wish List...

Here is my make-up wish list. I haven't done one of these posts before so it has been really exciting narrowing down my wish list. I watch a lot of make-up tutorials on Youtube so a lot of these products are influenced by the lovely ladies I watch online. All products will be linked so if you are liking these just as much as I do then you know where you can get them!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Brow Definer' £16 

2. Beauty Blender 'Pro Sponge' £16

3. Kiko Milano 'Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow' £6.90

4. Morphe Brushes 'The Blushed Blush Palette' £16

5. Gerard Cosmetics 'Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick' Ecstasy £9.50

6. Kat Von D 'Everlasting Liquid Lipstick' Berlin (Approx) £14

7. Kat Von D 'Tattoo Liner' (Approx) £13

8. Make-up Forever Foundation 'Ultra HD Stick' £29

9. Urban Decay 'Primer Potion' £18 

10. Pixi 'Mesmerising Mineral Palette' Opal Glow £15

I hope that you enjoyed looking through my 'Wish List' and maybe  you even got some ideas for your  own wish list! Let me know what you think, if you would recommend any of these or if you buy any!

Much love as always, 

Jade x

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Burger & Lobster event...

Trust me, if you have never tried lobster before and, like me, think it's a little too "out there" for your taste buds then think again my friend!

I had the pleasure of attending a TankTalk at 'Burger & Lobster' in Cardiff on Wednesday night and it was such a treat. I brought along a very hungry plus one, my lovely boyfriend who was very excited about it. May have nicknamed himself "TomDavidloves..." for the evening much to my amusement! 

In this post I will write a small description about each dish and cocktail as well as what I thought about the night. TankTalks is an event that will be happening every Wednesday throughout March. You get to sample the entire menu as well as trying out the paired cocktails with each dish. This night would be perfect for those of you who have never been to Burger & Lobster before or perhaps want to go out for a meal with a little bit of a difference. For only £20 pp you get a taste of grilled and steamed lobster, lobster roll, a humongous steak burger, endless fries and salad, freshly complimenting cocktails to match your dish as well as your own personal #teamburger or #teamlobster cheesecake.

The founders of Burger & Lobster had already created the best burger around and were serving that in their Goodman's Steak houses but they saw the magic that was the lobster and wanted to create a simple concept that made the dish more attainable. Now let's face it, a restaurant that only serves Burgers and Lobsters is pretty rare and that genius idea has now allowed them to expand not only in America but to London (including Harvey Nichols), Sweden, Dubai, Kuwait, Manchester, Bath and the lovely Cardiff. 

One thing that really stood out to me and my boyfriend was how friendly and welcoming the staff were. Nothing was put on. They loved having you there and wanted to make it a special, fun occasion for you. After having a glass of Prosecco we were then asked to "Take our seats". The tables were beautifully decorated with tiny glass bottles, candles, wooden boat ornaments and sand. Before we tasted our first dish we were given a talk about the company by the lovely Amelia. I'm not going to lie, she knew her stuff! So eloquently put, her knowledge about the company was admirable and it was so refreshing to see someone in a managerial position be so friendly not just to the customers but also her team! Then the lovely sous chef Connor talked to us about how the lobsters are flown in from Nova Scotia to Heathrow and are kept in the worlds biggest tank! He also educated us about the Aberdeen Angus cattle who live in Nebraska. The company are so involved with every part and process of their corn fed burger that in fact if you would like your burger cooked rare, you can, and that is rare! Our dishes were served by the lovely, very smiley Lemarl who was quick to clear up our mess and hand us clean plates and bibs! As each dish was served Luke, B&L Bar Manager, came over and helped serve our paired cocktails. We even had a chance to do a little "Shaking" ourselves! Luke did a fantastic job at telling us what was in each cocktail (or 'mocktails' for the non drinkers) as well as telling us why the flavours went well with each dish. I've never thought about pairing a cocktail with a meal before and wow, it certainly worked! Hilarious questions were asked throughout the night that enabled you, with your answers, to work out if you were #teamburger or #teamlobster.

Here is a little run down of the dishes-

Lobster brioche roll- Chunky, delicious pieces of lobster topped with light Japanese mayo in a toasted brioche roll. 

Lobster- Half steamed lobster, Half grilled lobster served with salad and fries. (Bib included!)

Steak Burger- with cheese, salad and all squashed in a gorgeous bun with fries and salad.

Dessert- We got to try the delicious cheesecake. #teamburger had a "soil" covered topping while #teamlobster had a "sand" style topping! I was lucky enough to try both and they were so tasty.

Cocktails- 'AbFab' including ingredients such as Absolute peach vodka, Lemon syrup, rose wine and apple juice. 
'Jalisco Rose' for those Tequila lovers out there with a splash of Cocchi Rosa Vermouth, apple cordial and soda.
'8 steps to the west' including ingredients such as bourbon, lemon juice, pear puree and elderflower.

Overall, we both had such a fun night. If you are after a bit of a different night out and by that I mean changing up your average meal with you and your company sat there on your phones then I would definitely recommend giving this TankTalks night a go! We were both so into hearing about the food, looking at live lobsters and figuring out how to use a lobster claw cutter that we forgot about checking up on Facebook and just really enjoyed the experience! My favourite was definitely the Lobster roll and although I am definitely normally #teamburger this roll was incredible!

So thank-you Burger & Lobster, Cardiff. Not only did you treat us to a brilliant night, you also showed me that lobster is attainable, it is tasty and yeah I can eat it on a Wednesday night with a cocktail all whilst wearing a bib!

Many thanks, 

Jade x


Monday, 7 March 2016

Coconut Lane...

Unicorns. Beyonce. Kylie Jenner. Justin Beiber. Mermaids. Mean Girls. Prosecco lovers! 

Now I have your attention, you may want to keep on reading. (If you read right to the end there's a discount in it for you!)

Last week I received a lovely email from this very sassy company called "Coconut Lane". They are a home and accessories brand with snippets of quotes from Beyonce and Mean Girls as well as having a gorgeous jewellery selection. After grabbing a hot chocolate I settled down for the hour and browsed their website. The 'Shop' is broken down into 5 easy sections depending on what you're looking for. I had a good look through all sections before deciding to purchase 4 items. I went for 2 of the wall art prints which say "What would Beyonce do?" and "Goal Digger". I did actually purchase these without frames because I already had 2 spares ones but I would definitely recommend getting one with your print. They have a great selection of funny quotes and phrases to choose from if you are into beauty or into becoming a mermaid-there is definitely something there for you!

Next up I found myself in the jewellery section. I could have purchased everything! Honestly, the pieces were right up my street. There is a mix of gold, silver and rose gold as well as marble and suede accents filtered through. I fell in love with this "Angel love ring". It has a wing up one side and a heart on the other. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how sturdy it felt when it arrived. It does not feel cheap neither does it catch on any of my clothes which is a bonus!

Last we have my favourite item. My gorgeous marble effect phone case. I have an iPhone 6s in Rose gold and when I bought the phone because I loved the colour so much I wanted a clear case for it. However, the great thing about this marble case is the cut out effect which gives your glimpses of the gorgeous rose gold peeping through. The volume buttons, lock, top and bottom and camera are all uncovered and the marble really compliments the rose gold hardware. It's also a lot thinner than the clear case I had which means it's a lot comfier to hold.

Here are a few other items that you may like...

Marble Bangle - £13 or £10.40 using "jadeannloves20"

Flamingo Phone case - £13 or £10.40 using "jadeannloves20"

Gigi and Kendall greeting card - £2.70 or £2.16 using "jadeannloves20"

If you would like to receive 20% off your order then please enjoy using my special code "jadeannloves20" and treat yourself to something new! Don't forget to tag me @jadeannloves and @coconutloveuk in your pictures!

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