Sunday, 19 June 2016

Funny Things That Happen When You Take Blog Photos...

So, it's been like 8 months since I started blogging and here are some funny things that have happened to me along the way!
I have a feeling you may relate to these too...

  1. You find yourself bending and standing in the weirdest positions just so you can find the right lighting.
  2. You prance around in a field whilst your boyfriend takes photos of you with people watching you as they walk their dog wondering "What on earth is she doing?"
  3. You use multiple boxes, books and even balance your phone under your camera lens because you don't own a tripod and you need your levels.
  4. You have mastered taking multiple photographs of products and selfies in like 5 minutes because the sun is just in the right position and you know those clouds are about to change the lighting any second.
  5. You pretend to laugh at something really funny because that serious 'open mouth' model pose really isn't for you and if you don't laugh you will only cry because you don't look like Gigi or Kendall.
  6. You get cramp in your hand from holding your phone just at the right angle so that your finger doesn't cover the camera lens.
  7. You have to Blu-Tack your make up products onto the surface such as lipsticks and gloss so that they don't roll away.
  8. You have to hold your breath and stay extremely still because the long grass and flowers you are currently sat in contains 100,000,000 bees but you know the photo has potential.
  9. Your camera roll is filled with a collection of photos that all look exactly the same bar a few different 'claw hand' poses and you always end up picking the first one you took.
  10. Instagram comment-"I love your jacket!" aww thanks! What you don't know about this photo is that I look ready for a night out on my top half but my lower half, which is carefully cropped out, is ready for bed. Yes, sometimes when the postman delivers your online shopping parcel you need to try on everything immediately even if it doesn't match your comfy pj bottoms you are currently wearing.

Some of these may not have happened to you yet but I am sure they will! Either way, I hope they have made you chuckle!

What funny things have happened to you?!

Much love as always, 

Jade x

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Fit For Friday. Day To Night Outfits For Him and Her...

Recently the weather here in the UK has been beautiful. I have been transitioning my wardrobe from boots to wedges and jumpers to cropped jackets. I love how it's still so warm and light in the evenings so that you don't feel like you have missed out on all of the fun when you have been at work all day. The trouble with this is that you don't always feel like you are dressed for the beer garden, right? Well have no fear, here I have come up with some outfit ideas to change just a few minor details that will transform you from 'Day to Night'. I think you'll be surprised with how quick and easy it is to do. 

T.M Lewin inspired me and set me the task of creating outfits for both him and her that will give you the confidence to head from computer screen to cocktail dreams! So, here goes...

Ladies First...

Outfit A


This outfit is very chic especially if you tuck the striped shirt into the trousers. The nude heels are perfect for lengthening your legs too. I added the handbag because it has a longer strap in it that you can use in the day and then you can unclip it and use the smaller handles for the night.

Night time-

Now we want to change it up a bit. First of all, I wanted to change the heels to wedges. Although they still have good height to them, they are far more comfy whilst still elongating your legs. I also added some gold accessories to the night time look as well as this gorgeous gold watch from ASOS. I love wearing watches on a night out, I think they look so smart. Bardot tops make a comeback every Summer and this gorgeous cream one from Mango suits this outfit perfectly.

Outfit B


This classic white shirt will always be a staple in any wardrobe. I've teamed it up with this fitted, light grey pencil skirt and then to add a pop of pastel colour I've chosen these suede pointed courts and this gorgeous NYX matte lip colour. Just because you have to dress smart to work it doesn't mean that you can't add in small parts of your personality, I think the pink really gives this outfit a nice splash of colour.

Night Time-

I love seeing a crisp white shirt dressed down with some ripped jeans. Roll up your sleeves and open up the collar and you have completely transitioned from day to night. As you may have already read on my 'May Favourites' post, I have been loving neckerchiefs. It's totally up to you where you wear it, in your hair, neck or on your wrist. I actually own this gorgeously soft jacket from Missguided in a mustard colour and I probably wear it a lot more than I should! It's so comfortable and really doesn't restrict your arms and shoulders which I feel a lot of jackets can.


A few months ago my boyfriend was off to the races and wanted something really smart to wear, I knew that T.M Lewin would be the perfect place for him. The store we visited was so accommodating and helpful. They had many sizes available and were great at measuring him up for the perfect shirt! They have a fantastic selection of suits and I would definitely recommend getting your boyfriend, husband, brother etc into a store to get measured and suited up properly, it really makes a difference. I know my boyfriend hates wearing some shirts because he has found them too tight and uncomfortable around the neck but at T.M Lewin they have many styles and sizes available. Here are a few ideas for the gents to transition from Day to Night...


Night Time-

Here are a few ways in which you can change up your outfit without having to go home and completely empty out your wardrobe! You can still wear the white shirt but switch your smart trousers for some casual navy chinos instead. You can also swap your shirt for this light blue Ralph Lauren Shirt.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and got some ideas to transform you on a Friday from work wear to night wear. 

Much love as always, 
Jade x


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Summer Pastels & Positivity...

"...if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely..."

I thought about this quote by Roald Dahl this morning when I caught myself grinning from ear to ear on my morning run. I hate running. No wait, I really dislike running (trying to be more positive!) but I decided that this morning I was going to get up at 6am and just run around the block. No one else is around and it's light outside. I live in a beautiful valley in Wales and if you happened to see my recent post "Here comes the sun..." you will see that the field I am twirling around in is opposite my house. So, as I was on my run I was just around the corner from my house when I looked up at this beautiful mountain in front of me and I laughed. What on earth am I doing at 6am on a Wednesday morning running? Me? Running! It felt so good though and that brings me back to the quote. Normally when we are running or exercising or doing every day tasks, are we smiling? Are we thinking about things that make us happy? I actually love seeing people smiling to themselves, especially if they're on their own. It instantly cheers me up. 

So next time you find yourself with negative thoughts in your head, try and pop a 'good thought' in your head and see what happens to your lovely face!

Dress - Missguided 
Faux Suede Jacket - Primark
Boots - Public Desire
Sunglasses - New Look

Once again, thank-you for reading and much love as always, 

Jade x

Monday, 6 June 2016

Liz Earle VIP event...

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to go to the Liz Earle VIP event in John Lewis, Cardiff. We were greeted with some lovely friendly faces and a choice of fresh beverages. I was the first one there and I  was the only blogger too so I seized the opportunity and took plenty of photographs before everyone else arrived. The evening was centred around the new Rose and Lavender 'Cleanse & Polish' which is now a permanent product and the great offer of which you receive a free set of travel friendly products worth £25 when you spend over £45. 
Let's take a step back to a good few years ago when I was recommended Liz Earle products by my Mum and Aunty. I was in my late teens and I had never really thought about 'skincare' before. I've had eczema since I was a baby and because I've always had dry skin, I never suffered with spots or oily skin throughout my teenage years. However, I went to university and many things started to change! I would say now my skin is more dry/combination. Both my Mum and Aunty have been using Liz Earle products for years and they both have a different skin type to me as well as having mature skin. The first product I bought was the 'Cleanse & Polish' and at the time I felt like it was quite a lot to spend on skincare, especially when I didn't take much care of my skin at that time. However, after the first couple of uses I knew it was a genius product! Now, a good 7 years after I started using Liz Earle skincare I am still using her products every single day. 

Back to the VIP event...

After everyone arrived we were all given a raffle ticket and offered some lovely macaroons and canap├ęs. Everyone was really friendly and a few of the other attendees knew each other from previous events which was nice to see. One lady was even recommending that I put my 'eye brightener' in the fridge to really cool my eyes down once applied to cotton pads.
Before we were introduced to the offers we were given a chance to be creative. Matthew, Deb and Leah who were hosting the event were all wearing these lovely corsages made with roses and lavender stems. We were each given some foil, a safety pin, a rose and some dried lavender to create our own individual corsage. I've been to a few beauty events now and this has to be one of the most fun and creative things I've done!
Matthew who invited me along to the event was talking to us all about the Rose & Lavender cleanse and polish and how it was similar to the original multi award winning hot cloth cleanser. Matthew continued by saying "...customers use the original in the morning and then use the rose & lavender in the evening for relaxing and calming the skin before bed..." which I thought was perfect for me. Currently, apart from micellar water, exfoliating and washing my face I haven't got a skincare regime so I knew that grabbing something from this event would be perfect for me. Taking on board what Matthew and the team were saying I bought the two cleanse & polishes including 3 muslin cloths for £29.50 and they came beautifully packaged. Deb and Leah who also work for Liz Earle demonstrated how you can give yourself a face massage and what techniques to use. I didn't try this on the night as I had make up on and try to touch my face as little as possible but I am definitely going to give this a go when I use my cleanser.
I also gave myself a spritz of the Botanical Essences they had on show. I currently own No. 100 which has notes of Damask rose and orange flower, it is very floral but I love how it doesn't smell like your average perfumes. My Birthday is in August and I think I will be asking for No. 1, the original fragrance from Liz Earle which contains 98% natural ingredients.

Want to try Liz Earle?

If you haven't tried any products from Liz Earle before I would definitely recommend a visit into your nearest John Lewis, Boots or department store. In fact they are now offering complimentary services where you can receive massages and even a bespoke skin test. 

Suitable for vegetarians and they do not test their products on animals and are certified under the Humane Cosmetic Standard by Cruelty Free International.
You can read more about Liz Earle here...

My Favourites...

Botanical Essence No. 100 £49

My Mum's Favourites...

"I would describe my skin as normal to dry. I use the 'Deep Cleaning Mask' occasionally and this works really well for me-I feel clean, clear and cleansed afterwards! I love the smell of Liz Earle products, they smell very expensive and spa-like."

Deep Cleansing Mask £15.75

My Aunty's Favourites...

"My skin is dry/normal. I love the 'Cleanse and Polish' especially the special ones they bring out. I'm currently using the 'Orange Flower and Chamomile' edition. I used to love the feel and texture of the 'Skin Repair Moisturiser' but it isn't strong enough for me now so I am now using the Superskin Moisturiser. Oh, I also love the Gentle Exfoliator I use it once a week with Cleanse and Polish. Liz Earle is great and there isn't much that I don't like!"

Superskin Moisturiser £39

Gentle Face Exfoliator £15.75

My friend Adele actually told me about the event and I was so glad I was able to attend. Thank-you to the lovely team in John Lewis for having me, I look forward to the next one! Have you used any Liz Earle products before?

Much love as always, 
Jade x


Friday, 3 June 2016

Pampering With Miss Patisserie...

Miss Patisserie hosted the first ever blogging event I went to and a few months ago I was back there for their spring event. Everything is 'picture perfect' in that shop! It is so chic and the theme of 'Paris & Pugs' runs throughout.
In this post I will give you the lowdown on what I purchased at that event and why I have continued using products from Miss Patisserie.

 Keep reading to find a 10% discount code!

Bath Shards £2.80

At the last event I purchased some bath shards which were new to me. These buttery, glittery shards were balanced perfectly on display in store and I chose 'Black Salt' and 'Fizzy Orange'. I honestly couldn't believe how creamy and silky these made my bath water. I didn't want to use the whole shard so I broke a few pieces off and scattered them in the tub whilst the water was running. Both contain essential oils which help you to relax or uplift your mood depending on which one you choose. I actually didn't feel like I needed to moisturise after getting out of the bath-which is a first! If you're after something different and don't like how some bath bombs can be quite full on then these gorgeous silky shards are the ones for you.

'Kyoto' Bath Ball £3.85

This bath ball contains rose petals and turns your bath a beautiful mix of pinks and purples. Bath balls from Miss P definitely have more of a subtle, natural fragrance to them when compared to other bath bombs/balls available elsewhere which is why I love them. This limited edition bath ball originally created for Mother's Day includes scents of 'Peach blossom' 'Honeysuckle' and 'Orchid'.

Finally, my favourite product... (drum roll please)

'Orange Coffi Scrub' £13.99

This scrub has changed my skin, it's incredible. What I love most is that you can use this scrub on your face too. My skin hasn't been the same the past couple of months, especially on my face and this has been a great addition to my skin care routine and I have definitely noticed a difference. If you are a fake tan user then this scrub would be perfect for you to buff away any old fake tan. It leaves your skin feeling really moisturised after due to the coconut and sweet almond oil it contains which means you are good to go! This scrub is also available in 'Tiare' which is a floral scent and 'Vanilla' which I may have to try next. For the past couple of months I have been using this twice a week all over my body and it has transformed my skin. I've noticed a huge difference on the skin on my legs, I used to have quite a few patches of eczema and they have almost disappeared. If you have eczema or suffer from skin conditions then you will know how much of a risk you have to take on products when applying them to sensitive areas and I do not regret using this scrub. The only teeny, tiny downside to this scrub is that it turns your shower into your very own starbucks! It does get everywhere so you just need to make sure you hose not just yourself down but the shower down too after using it.

Now for the discount code...

If you would like to receive 10% off your online order then please use code 'JADELOVES10' at checkout and prepare to pamper yourself!

Thank-you for checking out my post, if you would like to read my last Miss Patisserie post then click here...

Much love as always, 
Jade x


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Here Comes The Sun...

"Those hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer..."

Here in the UK the weather has been utterly beautiful lately. As you read in one of my last posts, I really wanted to switch up my style this Summer. As much as I love my ripped jeans, I really don't want to spend these gorgeous sunny days covering up my legs. This dress from Forever 21 is perfect for me. It's the perfect length, so I don't feel too 'on show' and it wraps around my body to really cinch in my waist.
To give this dress a kind of 'festival feel' I added my camel fedora hat from Primark, ASOS lace choker and Public Desire boots. (Psst, these boots are only £10)
It was my first time ordering and shopping from Forever 21 and I could have bought so many items. If you haven't shopped there before, I would definitely recommend!
What is your favourite summer outfit?

Thank-you for reading
Much love, 

Jade x
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