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Monday, 4 May 2020

Quiz Categories...

"Don't Forget To Have Fun..."

Over the past few weeks I have been involved in multiple Zoom quiz sessions with friends and family. Whilst researching 'fun quiz categories' there wasn't a lot that appeared or that were that fun! I thought I would compile a list of categories that may make your quizzes a little more interesting. 

1. Guess the animal close-ups. "Whose knees are these?" or "Guess the animal eyebrows"
2. Questions relating to the year you were born.
3. Quotes from films
4. Which year was this song released?
5. Guess the celebrity caricature. (Google 'Celebrity Caricature' and send them into your WhatsApp group or share your screen)
6. Movie Synonyms. For example 'The Noise of Melody' = 'The Sound of Music'
7. Guess the celebrity eyebrows
8. True or False
9. A round where all answers begin with the same letter
10. Who am I? (Fastest finger. Read out clues and get everyone to privately message you their answer. First correct answer gets 10 points, second get 9 points etc)
11. Human body
12. Catchphrase. Create your own or research them.
13. Initial Reaction. (Inspired by Radio 1. Quiz master reads to letters for example "LC" they have to privately message you their answers. First correct answer gets 10 points, second get 9 points etc)
14. Famous landmarks
15. Guess the bar this photo was taken in? A great one for a group of friends if you have some embarrassing photos of nights out!
16. Who is the oldest? Quiz master says 2 x celebrities and the others have to write down who they think is the oldest out of the two.
17. Disney
18. Reality TV
19. Most watched film by the group. The Uni girls and I are having a round all about 'Mean Girls' as we watched it approximately 2876 times whilst at Uni!
20. Questions relating to where you live. Someone did a very funny round relating to a place we all knew. Questions such as 'This take-away is voted number 1 in our town. Which of these following items is not included in their 'Big whopper selection box'? He then listen 10 x items, 1 x of which was not included. It sounds random but we all found it hilarious! (The answer was 'side salad!')
21. Name as many films you can with this actor in. Point for each correct answer.
22. Guess the population of a country. Nearest 100 gets a point.
23. Name the album cover
24. Guess the logo
25. 1 x letter answers. For example 'What is the Roman numeral for 500? D'
26. Guess the TV show from the theme tune
27. Name 3 x events/facts from 1 year. They have to guess the year.
28. Guess the baby photo. This could be celebrities or a topic which interests you all. For example 'Harry Potter actors baby photos'
29. Cocktails. For example "What alcohol is in a 'Bloody Mary?' Vodka"
30. Each surname links to the first name of the next answer. For example "What is The Rock's real name?" Dwayne Johnson. So your next question would have an answer that starts with the letter 'J'.
e.g. "Who played Rachel in friends?" Jennifer Aniston.
31. Who's real name is this? For example 'Reginald Kenneth Dwight = Elton John'
32. Put these Disney films in order they were released.
33. Guess the cover. Play a cover of a song or get your child to sing a song and they have to guess what song it is!
34. Anagrams
35. Who's moustache is this? Celebrity moustaches

I hope that these have given you some ideas. I have actually really enjoyed writing this out!
Stay safe!

Jade x


Sunday, 19 April 2020

Glossier Review...

"Your Beauty Glows From The Inside Out..."

Okay, I know, I am very late to the Glossier party! It was very overwhelming online when they started shipping to the UK and, if I'm honest, I hadn't really heard a lot about them before that so I didn't really know what all the fuss was about. I absolutely love wearing and applying make up but I love a more natural, glowy look so I started doing my research and bought four Glossier products. If you would like to hear what I have to say then carry on scrolling.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

*Glo with Bondi Sands...

"Let Your Soul Glow..." 

I have always been quite on the fence when it comes to highlighter. I definitely think that it can help to finish off a make up look but, I do think that it should match or enhance the natural glow of your skin unlike some iridescent purple and green highlighters I've seen! I have also been more of a fan of cream and liquid highlighters as I feel they blend well and throughout the day they melt into the skin. I have been testing out Bondi Sands' Glo in the shade 'Gold Lights' for well over a month now and if you would like to hear what I have to say, then please continue scrolling...

Sunday, 11 August 2019

High Street to High End Fragrances...

"Perfume is personal magic. It is a first impression and a lasting recollection..."

I absolutely love fragrance and I wear it every single day. I enjoy buying perfume for myself and I love it when friends and family buy me perfume as it allows me to wear a scent I may not have bought for myself. In this post I have selected fragrance from my own collection that ranges from £9.99 high street prices all the way up to £255. I love fresh, floral fragrances so if this is something you'd be interested in then please carry on scrolling...

Sunday, 14 July 2019

*The One To Watch feat Cluse...

"There is beauty in simplicity..."

My most favourite jewellery piece has always been a watch. I love how they add personality to an outfit and when Cluse got in touch with me I was thrilled to collaborate with them as I'd followed them on Instagram and always lusted after their pieces. They kindly gifted me two items which I chose and I like to think they complement one another well. They also go really well with my style and jewellery pieces I already own. 

Sunday, 2 June 2019

My Brow Routine...

"Good Brows. Good Mood. Good Day..."

Before you read this post please note that my brows are definitely far from perfect! They are very uneven, patchy and perhaps not everyone's 'Brow Goals' however, if like me, you grew up in an era (early 00's) where you started tweezing your brows yourself at the age of 11 even though your Mum told you not to and made them look like tadpoles then you may find this post to be quite useful! I share my tips on how I fill them in and what I use to help hairs grow back.
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